Buku 30 Hari Jago Jualan- Rahasia Jualan Laris Tanpa Ngemis- Ngemis-Karya Dewa Eka Prayoga


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Selling Selling Without Ngemis-Ngemis

Have you ever imagined if you become a good seller, whatever you throw on the market is all sold out without later. that is what a man called the God of Selling experienced. The 5th book of @DewaEkaPrayoga, a Business Coach who has helped many entrepreneurs in skyrocketing their business turnover many times over. This book will guide you how to become a good person in the field of marketing in just 30 days.

Not only that, you will also understand the types of custumers, the character, the traits of a person, this will greatly help you when negotiating with someone even you don’t know. Good at selling is very easy if you know the knowledge.

In this book, you will get a lot of ENLIGHTENMENT in the form of:

How to Explode Your Sales Turnover, INSTANTLY!!
How to Earn Tens of Millions of Money in Minutes?
How to Make More Money by Selling How to Know, Hove, and Train Your
Selling Skills The Secret Behind the term No Day Without Closing
30 Selling
Techniques That Are Proven To Be Effective In Multiplying Sales Effective In Doubled Sales
Of An Amazing

Selling Technique
Why Is This Book of 30 Selling Techniques Worth Reading?

Written by Sales Practitioners, not just Experts, let alone Commentators Containing Strategies and Techniques that are Easy to Practice, not only Theory Doang
Proven Effective in Producing Tens or even Hundreds of Millions of rupiah
Accompanied by many Exercises that are easy to Apply
Language Easy to understand, accompanied by many illustrations
, and without further ado


Description Title : 30 Days of
Jago Selling Jml Page : 151 pages
Size : 14.8 x 21 cm [A5]
Content Material : Book Paper
Cover Material : Hard Cover
Author : Dewa Eka Prayoga
Publisher : Delta Saputra
No ISBN : 978-602-99999-4-5

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